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Hey Readers,

I know I have not written a post in a while but I have been enjoying my time studying abroad in beautiful SPAIN!! I have been enjoying Europe very much, meeting new people, eating new foods and embracing a new culture. I will be adding a new category to my list, that category being BEAUTY…I will post on different beauty items, facts about healthy living, magazine articles I find interesting and beauty blogs etc…I will be adding similar posts to my other categories as well…

Hope everyone is finding themselves well.

Rubi xx    Quote of the Day: “Make the most of yourself….for that is all there is of you.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Upcoming Favorites 5.o

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Hey everyone,

This article has been long overdue, I know but hopefully you will all forgive me and read these new upcoming favorites.

In this upcoming favorites article I will include the following: Burton Original Snowboard Equipment beanie’s, G-shock watch, mascaras for ladies and laptop sleeves.

For the MEN: 

Men’s Beanies from Burton Original Snowboard Equipment: As winter is approaching, beanies have become the ‘in’ thing for boys and men these days. The other day my brother asked where he could find a good beanie. I had no response to that question so I started looking for stores that sold beanies. Burton Original Snowboard Equipment has a good selection of beanies for men in all different colors and sizes. There are some that are unique and some that are simple and plain. There is quite the variety no matter what your style looks like.  Burton Original Snowboard Equipment has been featured in Nylon and their prices are a good range from cheap to a little more luxurious. Hope you like this product!

Men’s Watches: Watches for women, especially the Michael Kors watches, have been the accessories of the year. Lots of men wear watches and theirs should be just as important of a style statement. The watch I found for this upcoming favorites is a gold and black G-shock. It is quite the stunner and it is pretty affordable if you want a good-looking watch. The picture can be seen in the slideshow and for pricing refer to the link below.


For the WOMEN:

L’Oreal, Covergirl and Maybelline mascaras: So ladies, I have found the perfect trio if you are looking to have amazingly flawless eyelashes that are elongated, full, curled and beautiful. The first is the L’Oreal’s Extra- Volume Collagen Mascara. This mascara gives you exactly what the name represents, volume. It is so great by itself but when you mix it with other mascaras it is just pure amazing. The second mascara is the more used one, Covergirl’s lash blast mascara. Now this mascara is really good at giving your lashes a good first coat before putting the other mascaras on, by itself it is not amazing. It is really good for your bottom lashes though. The third mascara is the falises volume express. This mascara does give some volume but it is especially great at elongating eyelashes and giving them a bit of a false flare. It gives the appearance of false lashes but not in a bad way. Put the three together and it works wonders.

Cute Laptop Sleeves on Etsy: A laptop sleeve is just a protective cover that you can slide your laptop into for safe protection. It is not an actual cover for your laptop itself but you slide your laptop inside, so it has somewhat of the same but better effect when you’re carrying your laptop around. I found these cute and unique laptop sleeves on Etsy. These sleeves seem very in style at the moment and very vintage like with button for a closing option. These sleeves range in price but they keep your laptop safe, which is a good deal.

*Prices may vary on each of these products depending on the store of purchase*

Click here for Burton’s Beanies:,default,sc.html

Click here for more info on Black and Gold G-Shock watch:

Click here to view laptop sleeves:

xx Rubi

Entertainer: Ryan Tedder

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So we meet again Readers,

I was listening to the Gym Class Heroes song “The Fighter” feat. Ryan Tedder and I was just so intrigued by the song that I looked up the lyrics and one thing led to another and before  I knew it I was researching Ryan Tedder’s life and accomplishments.

I have seen him in concert before with his band, OneRepublic when they opened for Maroon 5 and let me just say how incredibly talented they all are. Ryan Tedder and OneRepublic inspire me, and their music is my absolute favorite.

So, I decided to inform all you readers a little bit about Ryan, a lot of which many, including myself don’t or didn’t know until now.

First off, did you know that Ryan was sort of like Timbaland’s prodigy. Well, he kind of is and I only mean that because Ryan had been working for a while trying to make it as an artist before Timbaland came along but Timbaland gave him a lot of help as he started to develop his amazing talents.

Before he met Timbaland, he was on an MTV trying to compete for a record deal, which unfortunately was apparently bogus and never happened even though Ryan won. Maybe it was for the better because not much after he met Timbaland, who we all know is also incredibly talented. Ryan plays many instruments including guitar, bass, glockenspiel, tambourine and piano.

He has won many grammy and awards including some for writing because if you didn’t know, not only is Ryan a singer/songwriter for himself and One Republic but he has also produced and written songs for various other artists as well. The following is a list of some songs he has produced and written: Co-wrote & produced “Bleeding Love” sung by Leona Lewis, Penned “Halo” by Beyonce, co-wrote & co-produced “I Just Had Sex” for SNL‘s The Lonely Island feat. Akon, wrote & produced Adele’s “Rumor Has It”, co-wrote & co-produced “So Good” sung by B.o.B.

Ryan Tedder has also worked with the following artists: Jennifer Lopez, Demi Lovato, Maroon 5, Jordin Sparks, David Cook, James Morrison, the late Whitney Houston, Ludacris, Backstreet Boys, DJ Tiesto, Kelly Clarkson, Hilary Duff, Ashley Tisdale and is currently working with Trey Songz, Cody Simpson, Jason Derulo, Lights and Lady Antebellum.

*These are only just to name a few, the actual list is incredibly long, but you get it, he’s kind of a big deal if you didn’t know.

For more please read this amazing article from Billboard:

Hope you liked this short bio.

Thanks for reading,



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